The Effect of the Internet on Modern Businesses & Corporations

The Effect of the Internet on Modern Businesses & Corporations thumbnail The network of connected computers called the Internet has changed many things about how many businesses do business. It has given new opportunities while sometimes taking away or minimizing other options. It has opened up new lines of communication so that consumers are better informed and… More

How to Start a Home-Based Facial Business

How to Start a Home-Based Facial Business thumbnail A home-based facial business is a cost-effective and potentially lucrative start-up. Because your business' overhead is included in your monthly mortgage, your start-up costs and monthly overhead are minimized. The only start-up costs that you will incur are products for your facial treatme… More

Where to Get a Small Personal Loan

Where to Get a Small Personal Loan thumbnail A personal loan can help when you have more expenses than the money needed to pay them off. You might need the loan to pay your mortgage, consolidate credit card bills or take a vacation. Several options exist for securing a personal loan, but the options available to you depend on your sit… More

How to Market a Home-Based Travel Agency

How to Market a Home-Based Travel Agency thumbnail As with any home-based business, you can work as little or as much as you choose. Home-based travel agents can work directly for the public or operate as a conduit between an established travel agency and the traveling public. Other agents still offer both unique trips on their own and trav… More

About Small Business Startup

A great business idea may hatch within anyone's imagination at anytime. Transforming that idea into a small business does not occur as spontaneously. It requires realistic planning and assessment while properly following local, state and federal government requirements for your startup.

A great busi…


How to Become a Wholesale Car Dealer

How to Become a Wholesale Car Dealer thumbnail Becoming a wholesale car dealer is an easy way to get into the auto industry, and it costs much less that opening a traditional retail new or used car dealership. Wholesale car dealers specialize in used cars and sell primarily to dealerships that need used cars for their inventories. Howev… More

Why Do Companies Need Marketing Communication?

Marketing communication departments or teams are focused on external communications with clients, potential clients and other businesses. Marketing communication promotes a company, its products and services and helps establish brand awareness; it is the mouthpiece for corporate messages to the publ… More

Do I Need a License to Operate an Internet Business in Illinois?

To run an Internet business in Illinois, you will need to go through all of the steps you'd normally take if you wanted to start a business in a storefront. That includes deciding on your ownership structure and filing for any applicable business licenses. There are several resources available onlin… More

Studies in Economics & Finance

Studies in Economics & Finance thumbnail Economics and finance go hand in hand with one another. Economic theories bleed into finance and vice versa. Studies in economics and finance learn from one another, using information from each to understand and predict markets on a worldwide scale, any place where the transfer of goods and… More

How to Finance an Invention

Everyone has had ideas about the next new invention that will take the market by storm. However, most do not act on it. For those people who do, financing the invention is most often the biggest roadblock on their path to a successful invention. Yet there are steps an inventor can take to make finan… More